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Strategies for extending student logical reasoning

In this talk, Seven will discuss some of the strategies he uses to extend students' use of logical reasoning and prediction. He will do a walk-through of his 'Flying Wing' student project using Fusion 360, discussing aspects of the design and engineering process, and the 'short-cutting' of lower-order tasks to help provide students more engagement time in higher-order tasks such as testing and evaluating. Seven will show how he uses simulation to encourage students to tap into their prior learning and apply logic to make informed predictions and discuss the role that governments and industry parents can play in the development and support of this STEM learning area.

Seven Vinton

STEM Specialist

Oberon High School

Teaching and Learning Innovation: The 'Transform Your World' Innovation Challenge

In his talk, Michael will discuss the "Transform Your World Innovation Challenge", a project-based model for teaching and learning innovation that takes lessons and inspirations from the worlds of science, engineering, design, business and artistic endeavours.

Michael Scott

Learning outside with STEAM

Ideas for delivering engaging learning experiences that are real world and assist with investigating in the world we live in.

This presentation will present STEM activity ideas centered around a nature pedagogy. Learning in, around and about nature, environment and the world we live in.

Meridith Ebbs

Primary Teacher, Technologist, STEM, CSER

The University of Adelaide, Project Officer.

Addressing the level of the Learner

In his talk, Jorge, will explain that the individual needs of the student, at the particular moment in their life should be used as important guides in classroom work and the development of curricula. 

Jorge will show and discuss several practical examples of how teaching can be personalised. 

Dr Jorge de Sousa Pires

Am I Teaching Robots or Humans?

In her talk, Celinda will take us through the model she has developed for the development of online learning experiences that are social, personalised and active. She will talk about her experiences in creating and delivering such experiences, and the tools that she is using.

Celinda Corsini

Head Teacher, Teaching & Learning (Innovation & Future Directions)
NSW School of Languages

Smart Cities

In their talk, Joseph and Paul will discuss smart cities as the next evolution of urban ecosystems where communities can learn and create by utilizing technological innovation and practices.

Joseph Murdoch

Director / Chief Administrations Officer

Computing without Coding

In his talk, Karsten will walk you through the mycomputerbrain.net platform and explain some of the most difficult computing concepts with ease and without you having to code. 

He will explain artificial intelligence, binary numbers, computer memory, logic, and much more. The platform is designed for self-directed remote learning and is suitable for late primary, secondary and tertiary students of Digital Technologies and their parents and teachers.

Karsten Schulz

Engineer, Scientist, Educator. Founder Young ICT Explorers & Bebras Australia.
Digital Technologies Institute

VR and creative technologies for distance learning, fun, and wellbeing

In this talk, Matt will discuss the work he is doing with teachers and New Zealand schools helping them rapidly transform to create the post COVID19 "new normal" learning paradigm. He will give us insights about what he has learnt from lockdown and what we can use in the future, and will give us his expectations about what the new normal of learning and education might be like.

Matt Richards

Founder & Chief Consultant

Village Robot

My journey from developing robotics products to teaching robotics online during COVID-19

In this talk, Kurt will share his personal journey as a product manager developing and launching educational robotics solutions for schools across Asia Pacific over the last 3 years. 

Kurt will also talk about how he helped to pivot Actura by creating the FlipRobot Academy and brought the FlipRobot robotics learning solution online during the corona virus lockdown.

Kurt Yang

Product Manager FlipRobot


How I transfered my classroom to Online and Return

In his talk, Richard, will discuss the practical implementation of virtualizing a hands-on face-to-face experience. As we are recording this session, the COVID-19 pandemic is wrecking havoc in the United States and around the world, and educational institutions are scrambling to adapt.

Whereas institutions have been traditionally slow to react to large-scale disruptions such as the current one, this time it was different.

Richard will give us an example of how he managed change so that the education of his students could continue.

Richard Park

Critical thinking in STEM

In his talk, Peter will argue that while we may assume that STEM education provides many opportunities to develop critical thinking skills in young people, what often happens is that teachers and students are overwhelmed by content. As a result, the development of critical thinking skills is unaddressed. 

Dr Peter Ellerton

What is Education 3.0 and what it means for the future of education

In his talk, Kieran is addressing the problem of centralisation of education, and closed/limited access to information. He will do that by explaining how education decentralisation works through the use of appropriate technologies and methodologies that have worked at Wooranna Park Primary School through a series of largely student-led projects.

Kieran Nolan

Educational Technologist
Wooranna Park Primary School

Indigenous Knowledges in STEM

In this talk, Jesse will talk about the opportunities that Indigenous Knowledges provide for teachers to build upon the strengths of their students and build a more equitable future for all that gives education systems a chance to deepen their connection to country beyond their colonial histories.

Jesse King

Team Leader

Co-Constructing the Learning Journey with our Children

In his talk, John, will challenge many "old school" approaches that may promote obsolete pedagogies and assessments. In particular, he will explore the idea that schools should be places where children can explore their passions, and develop their uniqueness. Places where children are encouraged to discover and pursue their aspirations.

Prof John FIschetti

Remote learning now and in the future

In her talk, Nicola will talk about how her team adapted to the news that nearly all Australian school students would be learning, at least partially remotely, how they incorporated feedback from teachers and leaders, and how their resources are being used and adapted by continuously increasing number of teachers.

Nicola O'Brien

Computing Education Specialist
Australian Computing Academy

The 10 Rules of the Makerspace

In his talk, Gil will discuss the rules that teachers can apply to their STEM classroom or Makerspace to create an environment that promotes collaboration and learning through an experience that can transform a regular classroom session into real world learning.

Gil Poznanski

Creative Technologist in the Makerspace
The Kosher Tony Stark

Leadership in Education: A Collective Achievement

In his talk, Ken will discuss leadership in the context of education.

As he said: "Unless the politics of learning are addressed, organizational leadership will not deliver the requisite outcomes that usually are claimed rhetorically but not delivered in practice."

This talk is particularly relevant to educators who work hard to introduce change in their institutions.

Dr Ken Dovey

Retired University Professor

Mixiply: free mixed-reality makerspace

In this presentation, Marianne and Jim will talk about Mixiply, a tool that is under development right now that aims to introduce students to augmented reality and creativity. With Mixiply, students can create immersive and interactive virtual worlds.

Marianne Malmstrom

Digital Design Teacher
Newlands Intermediate School

Jim Taylor

Delivering Physical Education (with STEM content) during 'Lockdown'

In this talk, Brian will discuss some of the solutions adopted by schools and the effectiveness of content delivered in an on-line format during the ongoing corona virus lockdown. 

Brian McNally

Digital Technologies in focus: responding to change

In this presentation, Julie will discuss ACARA’s Digital Technologies in focus project, some strategies to get started on action research in your school, and give us an overview of some new resources that focus on schools reflecting on what they have learned about both STEM and Digital Technologies implementation.

Julie King

Project Lead, Digital Technologies in focus and Curriculum Specialist, Technologies

Making connections to Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives

In this talk, Martin will give a brief introduction to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, making connections to its use in our daily lives. He will showcase several lesson plans that he has developed and discuss the rationale and thinking behind these. Martin will look at flexible approaches to use these resources where teachers can adapt to suit their needs. Martin will also provide examples of AI used in innovative solutions to problems, as well as some of the challenges and risks that require us to draw on ethical understandings and consider preferred futures.

Martin Richards

Supporting families of young children through STEM education

In their talk, the GISS preschool team members will discuss how they developed and deployed new approaches to teaching and learning while off-campus during physical distancing and engaging young kids isolated in their homes in enquiry-based STEM activities.

Silke Bethke

Catherine Squire Blatti

German International School Sydney, Preschool

John Nyagah

Diploma of Education (Early Childhood)
German International School Sydney

Everybody Gets to Play! - STEM at School

In this talk, Stephen will browse STEM offerings at various grade levels with engaging projects and challenges at each level. If you are considering how to bring STEM into your educational framework, this talk will give you ideas and encouragement to make a plan and work the plan and see the students grow and learn.

Stephen Hohm