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Seven Vinton

STEM Specialist
Oberon High School

Seven Vinton is a STEM Specialist, at Oberon High School, in Victoria, Australia. Seven has held several leadership roles in his 20+ years of teaching including Professional Learning & Curriculum Leader, eLearning Leader, and Hands-On Learning Coordinator. He currently instructs students in the programming languages C++, MATLAB, Javascript, and Python and is the creator of the open source Arduino Innov8 shield.

Michael Scott

Michael Alexander Scott was born and raised in the industrial town of Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Michael’s professional career included roles as computer data acquisition specialist and laboratory manager at facilities such as the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel at the University of Western Ontario, the Orthopaedic Research lab at University Hospital in London, Ontario, a consulting engineering firm’s building science lab in Ottawa Ontario, and the Canadian Space Agency’s David Florida satellite testing facility also in Ottawa.

Michael also did contract work as a data acquisition programmer, and taught adult education in CAD and computer applications.

Michael began his full-time teaching career in 1992 as a high school teacher in Technological Education, teaching and developing curriculum in communications, photography, industrial design, architecture, and computer applications.

Meridith Ebbs

Primary Teacher, Technologist, STEM, CSER - The University of Adelaide, Project Officer.

Meridith is a technology specialist and has experience teaching K-10, and teaching adults.

She is a Stage 2 teacher at The Nature School, NSW and a project officer with CSER, University of Adelaide. As a teacher at The Nature School she strives to implement real world STEM projects with a focus on outside activities with a nature focus.

Dr Jorge de Sousa Pires

Jorge has a broad experience both in Technology and in the Arts. His interests range from Digital and Semiconductor Electronics, to classical Music, Art, Philosophy, Etymology, and languages. He took his doctor's hat in 1980 and was promoted to Ass. Professor one year later.


He is the author of several books in English and Swedish, such as "The Handbook of Electronics", "The Joy of understanding how everything is interconnected", "An idea book to be used from Kindergarten to the University", and has written numerous articles and delivered many talks around the world.

Celinda Corsini

Head Teacher, Teaching & Learning (Innovation & Future Directions)
NSW School of Languages

Celinda is a Head Teacher, Teaching & Learning (Innovation & Future Directions), at the New South Wales School of Languages, based in Sydney, Australia.

She has spend five years perfecting her flip-learning model, but eventually found that it was no longer challenging.

Responding to her quest for tools and methodologies that better address modern learner's needs, she begun to explore the world of online pedagogy.

Celinda's goals were to create a model of online learning that was more social, more personalised, and more active. Most online learning experiences seem to make students feel isolated. The content is usually a crude adaptation of offline content. Students are guided through prescriptive curricula, with little room for imagination and experimentation. The development of soft-skills is not even an afterthought.

Joseph Murdoch

Director / Chief Administrations Officer

Joseph is an entrepreneur and information specialist. Joseph’s projects are technology and data driven to enhance Community capability through advocacy.

His vision is for a more united Australia where the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people work together to become a leading and driving force in all sectors and industries, and on all levels of business and social enterprise.

Paul is an Associate Professor in Environmental Management at The University of Queensland. His main area of teaching and research is in carbon and energy management. Paul is particularly interested in carbon farming and serves as Chair of the not for profit "the Tropical Carbon Farming Innovation Hub".

​Karsten Schulz

​Engineer, Scientist, Educator.
Founder Young ICT Explorers & Bebras Australia. ​
Digital Technologies Institute

​A/Prof. Karsten Schulz is an engineer, scientist, and educator.

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Software Engineering.

Karsten has been working in the Australian ICT and Digital Technologies space since 1999 in an international R&D leadership position.

He has designed a computer processor, builds artificial neural networks, has 18 patents in his name, and has a passion for making the invisible visible.

Matt Richards

Founder & Chief Consultant
Village Robot

Matt is a learning technologist and STEAM education pioneer, and founder & chief consultant of Village Robot.

He creates innovative learning programs and communities using emergent and creative technologies. Matt is currently based in New Zealand, helping schools rapidly evolve to online learning in their communities and create innovative learning programs from lockdown.

He is a Google Certified Innovator & Educator, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, a New Zealand Ministry of Education Accredited PLD Facilitator.

Kurt Yang

Product Manager FlipRobot

Kurt Yang is the product manager of FlipRobot, an in-class robotics STEAM education solution that harnesses an entire learning ecosystem, which includes their own robotics hardware, programming software, classroom-ready curriculum materials, teacher PD programs, student workshops, robotics competition, and a lot more.

Richard Park

Richard has been an educator for over twenty years. He teaches Networking Engineering and related technology courses at the Cisco Academy.

Before his full-time teaching career, Richard was a Cisco Systems Network Academy Area Manager, Apple Computer Systems Engineer, Texas Instruments Technical Instructor, and IBM Mainframe Systems Field Engineer.

Dr Peter Ellerton

Peter has appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio Nation program on ‘The Philosopher’s Zone’ and on ‘Ockham’s Razor’ speaking about teaching philosophy and critical thinking.

He won the Australian Skeptics prize for critical thinking in 2008 for his work on developing educational resources in critical thinking, which is how I came across his work.

Kieran Nolan

Educational Technologist
Wooranna Park Primary School

Kieran is an Educational Technologist at Wooranna Park Primary School, in Victoria, Australia.

Kieran has helped to establish Wooranna Park Primary School as a world leader in education technology and future thinking.

Students have developed everything from virtual reality games and custom-built computers to fully functioning Cisco networks.

They have built their own 3D printer computer lab using Raspberry Pi's, created their own cryptocurrency, voted on hardware and software for the school’s open-source STEAM centre, built their own full nodes for various blockchains, and created an educational game that teaches people how to mine Bitcoin.

Students have even created an international Minecraft environment to learn about hardware wallets and financial literacy.

These efforts led Wooranna Park Primary School to recently become only the third school outside of the United States to be filmed by the George Lucas Foundation.

When it comes to the future of schools and learning, Kieran is on it, creating it today.

Jesse King

Jesse King is currently the Team Leader of Digital Solutions at the Stronger Smarter Institute, Australia’s largest Indigenous Education initiative.

His work involves working with educators to develop sustainable ways to incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing into their professional practice.

Prof John Fischetti

Professor John Fischetti is Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Education and Arts and recent Dean of Education and Head of School at the University of Newcastle.

He is currently President of the New South Wales Council of Deans of Education. Prior to coming to Newcastle, John served as Dean and Professor of Educational Leadership at the College of Education and Human Development at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.

Nicola O'Brien

Computing Education Specialist
Australian Computing Academy

Nicola is a computing education specialist at the Australian Computing Academy.

She recently published 'Ready Set Code' - a hands on book exploring the technology around us with coding projects using Scratch and Micro:bits.

Gil Poznanski

Creative Technologist in the Makerspace
The Kosher Tony Stark

Gil is an international leader in the Maker community, inspiring speaker and teacher.

He's spent a decade building a track record in developing STEM and Maker environments and is excited by the challenge of harnessing technology in new and innovative ways.

Gil has been the Creative Technologies Lead at the Department of Education in the state of NSW, Australia, helping to shape STEAM within the public education sector and has worked with the City of Melbourne running the Makerspace at the Library @ the Dock in Docklands, as well as developed and deployed the Creative Technologies Hub for Hobsons Bay City Council.

Gil is now an independent Maker, speaker and education consultant.

As you'll see from his talk, Gil is all about engaging people with technology, always looking for the personal narrative in every project.

Dr Ken Dovey

Retired University Professor

Ken is a retired University professor with a 40-year career in Leadership Studies. He is a consultant on leadership to global corporations, and to the state sector and not-for-profit organizations in several countries.

Ken continues to teach leadership in courses offered by several business schools around the world.

He is highly published on the topic of leadership in top peer reviewed journals, created successful formal educational programs in Australian and South African universities, and informal educational programs in impoverished African communities.

Marianne Malmstrom

Digital Design Teacher
Newlands Intermediate School

Marianne is an internationally recognised leader in the innovative use of digital media, games, virtual worlds and mixed reality in the classroom, and believes in the importance of including student voice in curriculum design. She has thirty-five years of teaching and administrative experience that spans from early childhood to intermediate school.

Jim Taylor

Jim manages Theta's innovation development programme and works with emerging technologies like bots, cloud computing, AI, machine learning and augmented reality. A chance encounter at a hackathon led to the development of Mixiply - a platform for creating and sharing augment reality content and experiences.

Brian McNally

Brian is a veteran teacher with 23 years of experience.

Brian has moved from Outdoor Education to Primary Physical Education, Secondary Physical Education, IT, Maths and Science. Specializing in Gifted and Talented Education, Brian is now teaching stage 3 students, which is years 5 and 6, on the NSW Central Coast in Australia.

He regularly presents seminars and training events to teachers in topics such as:
- Thinking while Moving in Mathematics,
- Using IT in physical education,
- and Mathematics

Julie King

Project Lead, Digital Technologies in focus and Curriculum Specialist, Technologies

Julie is the Project Lead of "Digital Technologies in focus" and a curriculum specialist at the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Julie coordinated the development of the Foundation to year 10 Australian Curriculum: Technologies.

Julie has previously worked as a teacher, distance education writer, curriculum advisor and manager for the NSW Department of Education.

Martin Richards

Martin Richards is a Content Manager at Education Services Australia (ESA) and heads the team that develops the Digital Technologies Hub. Martin has lead the development of resources to support teachers to implement Digital Technologies.

In his most recent work, Martin has collaborated with experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence to develop innovative lessons to enable teachers to deliver this exciting area into their classrooms..

Silke Bethke

Silke is the Head of Preschool at the GISS. As a pedagogue Silke is passionate about facilitating learning in ways that empowers children, gives them choices as well as a voice and helps them develop self-efficacy.

Catherine Squire Blatti

German International School Sydney, Preschool

Catherine is passionate about inquiry-based learning and involving children in scientific investigations that encourage them to develop their meta-cognitive skills. She has worked and learned in international schools in London, and Zürich and completed study tours in Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy.

John Nyagah

Diploma of Education (Early Childhood)
German International School Sydney

John draws from more than 20 years of experience in the military and education which allows him to keep up a high standard of education and social pedagogy. He is a project manager with expertise in developing individual learning models and helping students in self development.

Stephen Hohm

Stephen Hohm is the administrator of Decatur Christian School in Forsyth, Illinois, a Pre-K3 through 12th grade school with about 175 students. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Cross Cultural Communications from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been involved in ministry as a youth pastor and pastor since 1984.